Portrait of a Schoolboy

Sunday 11 Mar 1984

March, 1984: going home

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Jerry had left before us, but because of Chris’ fast driving we were soon behind him, so the last ten miles home turned out to be a race – but we couldn’t get past them. Once we nearly had an accident when Jerry overtook a car and we went through as well to keep up. We just got through. My orders were, “Don’t worry about our lives, just win this race.” It only occurred to me afterwards that we were endangering the lives of other road users.


Pleasurewood Hills phoned. They want to get a lot of publicity for me and have a dress rehearsal. Apparently they’ve made a new Woody Bear suit for me which is much lighter. I have a feeling of guilt and worry because of my lack of training for the event. I’ve been on two six mile runs and a three mile run and I was always tired after them.


In General Studies I was arguing in favour of marriage. Jill and I both sat on the front tables, and we had a really good lesson. Amazingly it was just the girls who were backing Jill up, so it turned out to be boys against girls. Amazing – because it is the wife or female who would lose out the most if there was a separation (with children).


As mentioned somewhere, I’m not all that enthusiastic about riding in trains, mainly because I’m afraid of getting lost. Roehampton College sent me a letter saying that my interview is on April 2nd. Well I guess that’s when that fear will have to be crushed.


Oh God how depressing A levels are. I’m sure you’ve heard this story before somewhere, but what if I fail and then there’s all the work and reading I’ve got to put into them. I have a constant fear that everything is going to go wrong.


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